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Tour Kentucky's legendary bourbon distilleries to see how America's Native Spirit is made. To hear the stories of generations of master distillers. To breathe in the earthy, smoky, heady aroma coming from barrels stacked floor-to-ceiling in giant rickhouses. And to savor hundreds of years of tradition that flavor every sip.

Explore Kentucky Bourbon Country to see why this is the "Bourbon Capital of the World."



Clear your mind on a morning walk in whisper-quiet woods or challenge your body on a not-for-the-meek mountain bike trail. Soak up breathtaking vistas, while away the day on a pristine lake or cast a line in a stream abundant with the day's fresh catch. Diverse interests call for a diverse landscape - and that's just what Kentucky delivers.

Explore Kentucky's great outdoors to start planning your next adventure.



Soak up the pastoral setting of a Bluegrass horse farm and let its serenity envelop you. Feel the rumble of thoroughbreds racing around the track and let their unbridled spirit charge through you. From rolling hills lined with fences as far as the eye can see to the winner's circle at Churchill Downs, Kentucky offers an equine experience like no other.

Explore Kentucky Horse Country to plan your trip to the "Horse Capital of the World."



Sing alongside thousands at an outdoor summer concert or hear the softer notes and nuances only an intimate setting can provide. Rock out to an up-and-coming star or relish the sounds of the all-time greats. When the spirit moves you – and it will – grab an instruent or sing along to the sounds of those who came before you.

Learn about Kentucky's music scene, those who shaped it and where you can hear it today.



Walk the hallowed grounds of a Civil War battlefield and feel the spirits of those who gave their lives there. Tour a storied mansion and hear the voices of those who lived within its walls. Visit sites that played host to one of the most famous feuds in American history - the Hatfields and McCoys.

Immerse yourself in Kentucky’s rich history at historic sites, museums, trails and more throughout the state.



Visit an iconic Kentucky restaurant and savor recipes - and customs - that have been passed down for generations. Sample a modern-day Bluegrass dish to see how today's hot-shot chefs are putting their own modern spin on the classics. Come gather around our table and raise a glass to friends, old and new.

Discover Kentucky’s signature flavors to see for yourself why it’s Better in the Bluegrass.



A glass vase that personifies grace or a giant sculpture that seems to defy gravity. An intricate quilt pieced together by weathered hands or a mind-bending painting that alters your view of the world. Art can have incredibly transformative powers, which is exactly what happened to Kristin Williams, who started her own interactive studio after having a mini-meltdown on I-24.

Explore Kentucky's vibrant arts scene to see what will transform you.



Honor all things bourbon, horse, art or history - or simply spread out a blanket on the riverbank and enjoy the sights of sounds of master musicians. Eat your weight in funnel cakes at a good ol' county fair or snap a selfie in front of the world’s largest pan of fried chicken. (Before digging in, of course.) Communities love coming together in a state where they are so many occasions to celebrate.

Find your next Kentucky celebration by searching our full calendar of events.