Northern Kentucky River Region

With its eclectic dining room and sidewalk tables, there's no doubt Otto's is a local hot spot. Just don't be surprised if it feels more like you're dining at Chef Molly Costello’s home.

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Blue Raven

Kentucky Appalachians Region

Chef Matt Corbin's Southern staples with modern twists reflects his unwavering commitment to serving quality Appalachian ingredients prepared with flare.

Holly Hill Inn

Bluegrass, Horses, Bourbon and Boone Region

Tucked inside a charming inn in the heart of horse country, historic Holly Hill welcomes guests who rave about the restaurant's elevated menu featuring traditional Bluegrass recipes in an elegant setting.


Bourbon, Horses and History

Few restaurants celebrate local farms and food as passionately as Lilly's. It's part of Chef Kathy Cary's mission to provide an unparalleled dining experience that reflects the true flavors of the Bluegrass.

Freight House

Kentucky Western Waterlands Region

Chef Sara Bradley partners with local farmers to bring the first and most exclusive farm-to-table experience in Western Kentucky. "Food is more than just eating," says Sara, defining Freight House’s belief in sustainability through creativity.

Meals to Remember. Moments to Savor.

Some of our favorite memories take place around the table, where friends and family come together to celebrate good food and good fortune. In Kentucky, those memories are seasoned by talented chefs who are creating a buzz-worthy food scene that is making everyone take notice. A scene that honors the past, embraces the future and helps you make the most of the present.

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